At Santa Ema we are not only seeking for the best national standards in relation to the protection of the environment and the community, but we are also incorporating real measures to insure that our practices are each time more and more sustainable and that they protect the natural surroundings, considering them as the most important resources for the continuity of the production of wine and for protecting the quality of life of all our workers.

For this, we have developed a Sustainability Strategy which aims at using efficiently and sustainably our natural resources, lowering the environmental impact, contributing to the conservation of the environment, insuring the quality of life of our workers, supporting the development of our local community and expanding our commitment to all our groups of interest. In order to work on this line of action, the Sustainability Department has been working on different programs applied to our farming areas, wine cellar, production plant and offices, programs amongst which we can find:


  • • Efficient use of water program
  • • Efficient use of energy program
  • • Recycling program
  • • Integrated handling of solid and hazardous wastes
  • • Environmental education program (workers and local community)
  • • Biodiversity conservation
  • • Legal compliance


  • • Program of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • • Sponsors of Los Isleñitos Pre-school
  • • Training Program
  • • SENDA Program
  • • Ethic Code