In 1917 Pedro Pavone Voglino left his homeland (Piedmont, Italy), to set out on a long journey to the New World. It was his pioneer instinct that brought him to Chile and allowed him to discover the richness of the Maipo Valley. Delighted with the landscape of the area, and the special characteristics for the production of wines, he decided to settle down. In 1931 he purchased the lands that would become what is now Santa Ema Winery and thus, began to produce grapes for wine-making, which, due to their quality would be sold to renowned Chilean wineries.

In 1956 we began producing and marketing bottled wines, which have been recognized by the industry and consumers to date. Always elaborating wines in the Maipo region and searching for the best Terroir in the area, from the Mountain Range to the Pacific Ocean. In 1986 we exported our first wines, Brazil being the first foreign market for the winery. Today, Santa Ema wines are exported to the main countries of The Americas, Europe and Asia. In 2003 we opened our modern vinification plant, “El Peral” Winery, located in the heart of Isla de Maipo and which boasts the best technology available for the production of quality wines.